Infinity Aerial advances UAV aerial imaging technology through proprietary, advanced image processing creating visual, actionable data which enables rapid analysis of critical operations across numerous industries including construction, land surveying, infrastructure inspection, the cinematic presentation of real estate, special events and the production of motion pictures, and commercials locally, regionally or across the country.


UAV visual data eliminates the risk to personnel during the inspection of elevated electrical, cellular, wind turbine, or petroleum based infrastructure.  Live, HD video and high resolution images offer safe scrutiny of every component revealing any anomaly, resulting in a permanent, un-biased, reviewable, visual record of the entire operation.


UAV visual data evaluates construction progress using our custom, zoomable, image maps of entire projects with overlays such as survey plats or blue prints to inspect every detail of every phase of any construction project.


Infinity Aerial 4K video and high resolution UAV images enable cinematic presentation of luxury real estate and the production of commercials and motion pictures.

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