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Infinity Aerial's construction imaging services provide digital, high resolution image maps of entire construction projects keeping stakeholders informed of the progress of every phase of construction in real time.  Unlike aerial photography this service requires the assembly of hundreds, if not thousands of aerial images to create an image map of the entire construction site, parcel of land, or geographic site.

Image overlay components such as survey plats or blueprints can be layered onto the image map offering greater detail and identification of every aspect of interest of the image map. Further services can provide a virtual tour fly-over of the entire image map on any flight path desired. Clients can specify areas to be mapped, frequency of imaging resulting in permanent, reviewable image based records of the entire site from start to finish.

- Benefits -

Infinity Aerial images maps enable the efficient use of resources in planning design and decision making across every phase of construction.

High resolution image maps are extremely useful for assessing construction progress, scheduling tradesmen, or materials acquisition and delivery, or providing verifying construction progress for release of funds.

•  DEM/DTM/DSM - Surface models

•  Orthophotos/Contour maps

•  3D Building /3D vegetation modeling

•  Volumetric  measurement surveys 

•  Virtual fly-over tours of image maps

- How imaging reduces costs -

•  Data available via web/email

•  Results are latest available data

•  UAV imaging doesn't shut down site

•  UAV imaging provides up to date status

- How To Benefit -

Construction companies can benefit from aerial imaging in several different ways.

Contractors or financial stakeholders can supervise the progress of a particular job through up to the minute, high-resolution aerial imaging maps, video or 3-D image models featuring complete control of image map review with infinite zoom, and the ability to pan and tilt.

High resolution aerial imagery gives quick, accurate assessment of major construction projects and is an efficient tool for building, planning, inspection and progress evaluation.

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