- Aerial Surveying -

Aerial surveying enables land survey companies to obtain imaging products provides a cost effective solution for up to the minute status and progress of the entire project through, images, video, or 3-Dimensional, fully interactive, on demand image maps. Visual inspection of the entire project which can easily be shared through our client login portal, or through an email link for collaboration with clients or interested parties.

Stockpile volumes, or topographic surveys can also provide highly detailed digital elevation models to assist in collaborative decision making, progress reviews or scheduling.

- Main Benefits -

• Reduce costs – we can survey >100 Ha (1km2) in a day

• Save time – large areas surveyed up to 50 times faster than ground-based land surveying with multiple teams allowing rapid deployment

• Improve safety – survey hazardous areas with minimal ground access and less time on site due to rapid data collection

• Better information – vertical and oblique photography is combined with accurate topographic data, digital terrain modeling and volumetric analysis

• Improve decision making – more detailed and up-to-date than off-the-shelf data

- Applications -

• Topographic surveys

• Volumetric surveys

• Construction progress photography

• Flood risk surveys

• Quarry/Landfill Surveys

• Route surveys

• As-built surveys

• Marketing images

• Site design

 -How To Benefit -

Construction companies can benefit from aerial photography in several different ways.

If a stakeholder or contractor wishes to determine the progress of a particular job, an aerial image map or 3D Model, of the entire site will clearly display work that has been done.

In addition, high resolution aerial imagery gives an accurate and swift way of obtaining quick assessment of major construction projects, with a permanent, unbiased, reviewable record. Quality aerial imagery can be an efficient tool for building, planning and inspecting of civil engineering projects.

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