- Inspections - Oil & Gas Facilities -

Infinity Aerial's Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS's) enable timely and cost effective inspection of difficult to access flare stacks, platforms, drilling derricks, exhausts, ducting, gantry's and walkways. Live video feed to high resolution monitors ensure safe inspection by interested personnel to identify issues safely from the ground.

Alternatively Infinity Aerial can provide a comprehensive image/video based record of the entire inspection of areas of concern and or report any defective components of concern as specified by the client.

- Improves health & safety -

• Eliminates working at height

• Reduces risk to workers

• No exposure to dangerous components

• Minimizes site visits

- Dramatic reduction in costs -

• Faster inspections

• Lower setup costs

• Avoids costs of shutting down

• Pre-maintenance = efficiency

- Consistent - unbiased reporting -

• Defective parameters specified by client

• Higher detail inspection process

• Evidence behind each classification

• Reviewable image-based record

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