- Inspections - Communications Towers -

Communications providers rely on antenna masts for the connectivity of their users. In many cases a single antenna may provide the network for thousands of people. Ensuring optimal connectivity is important for telecom providers and requires frequent inspection. Previously, this took the form of manual inspections, placing workers at risk. Now Infinity Aerial Imaging presents a safer, more effective and efficient solution for all parties involved.

- Improves health & safety -

• Elimination of working at height

• Minimizes exposure to live circuits

• Minimizes site visits

- Dramatic reduction in costs -

• Faster inspections

• Lower setup costs

• UAV inspection avoids shutting down

• UAV Pre-maint inspections=efficiency

- Consistent - unbiased reporting -

• Defective parameters specified by client

• Higher detail inspection process

• Evidence behind each classification

• Reviewable image-based record

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